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The Allegiance Academy focuses, on holistic education that extends beyond the traditional Classroom teaching; to embrace a wide range of extracurricular activities including sports, nature trips, arts and crafts and investigative tours that provide a well-rounded experience and development of student potential. The curriculum is designed for the all round development of each child, keeping in mind the following points:

Exciting and thought-provoking:
- By encouraging the skills of the 3R’s.
Expressive and Creative:
- By aesthetic exposure to drama, drawing, painting, music, yoga and dance etc.
Specialised and Recreational:
- With technology awareness, sports activities, pleasure trip, English language adeptness.
Well-Balanced and morally Sound:
- Along with academic area, school also emphasis on life skills to make them better human beings; by encouraging good manners, consideration for others, the ability to communicate properly. The school prepares students to face the challenges of the future by creating education programmes relevant to today's world. We pay more attention for different skills like exploration; innovative problem solving, independent expression and decision-making are actively encouraged. Students become informed, confident and active learners with a strong sense of self.

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